Turkey-Iran-Iraq Cooperation: Turning Challanges into Opportunities

Turkey-Iran-Iraq Cooperation: Turning Challanges into Opportunities

Turkey, Iran, and Iraq have a vital geopolitical location. Both Iran and Iraq possess abundant hydrocarbon reserves. The geographic position of Turkey and Iran commands fundamental trade routes connecting Asia and Europe. Furthermore, recent successful cooperative policies, e.g., the “Blockade in Qatar” and the “Referendum on Northern Iraq,” are motivation for strengthening trilateral ties. The cooperative policies may benefit all three countries due to the strong interdependent nature of relations on multiple levels, including security, political, cultural, economic, and environmental.

Each year, the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara (IRAM) organizes two trilateral symposiums. The symposiums discuss bilateral and trilateral cooperation issues among Turkey, Iran, and a third country (invitee) from Eurasia or the Middle East. For this symposium, the invitee country is Iraq.

The objective of this event, held by the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara (IRAM), together with partner organizations from the other two countries, aims at providing an independent discussion platform for prominent experts from the respective countries to explore opportunities and challenges regarding bilateral and trilateral relations to determine alternative, sustainable policy formulations that can further strengthen and advance bilateral and trilateral ties. Experts on the negative side of the intellectual spectrum frequently emphasize the barriers preventing cooperation between Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. However, IRAM believes that if the parties increase engagement with each other and exchange ideas at all levels, including intellectuals, politicians, and opinion leaders, those hurdles can be transformed into opportunities. Therefore, to eliminate those barriers or obstacles, the symposium focuses on finding alternative and sustainable win-win solutions for Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Although the nature of the relations among these three significant actors may be quite diverse, including historical, cultural, economic, political, etc., the symposium emphasizes three imperative current issues: policy and security, energy and environment, and economics.

During the symposium, there will be three distinct panels. A panelist from each country will deliver their opinions about the subject. The title of the panels are:


Morning Session 
Political and Security Concerns in the Region: Possible Areas of Cooperation
Afternoon Session-1 
Common Challenges with Energy and Environment: Are Win-Win Solutions Too Far Away?  
Afternoon Session-2
Digging for Better Economic Relations: Trade and Investment Opportunities  
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Event Date:   01/12/2019
Event Time:   10:00
Event End Date:   01/12/2019