Khodabandeh Loui completed his law degree at Tabriz State University with the thesis "The Invalidity of Armenian Allegations Against the Republic of Turkey from an International Law Perspective". He holds his master’s degree from  Ankara University's Department of International Private Law with his thesis titled "Interreligious and Inter-confessional Conflict of Laws in the Middle East: The Case of Israel". His second master's degree was received from the Middle East Technical University with his thesis: "The Intra-Islamic Conflicts and the Shifting Dynamics of the Middle East Security Complex form the Iraq War to the Rise of ISIS." His primary research focuses are: Iran's regional security strategy, Northern Gulf security, Shiite geopolitics, and contemporary Iranian politics. In addition to his native Turkmen, Khodabandeh Loui has advanced proficiency in English, Turkish, Persian, Arabic and a limited working proficiency in Hebrew.