The Death of Mahsa Amini and the Changing Values in Iran

Hakkı Uygur 27.09.2022

Iranian society is a very protest community with the effect of historical and cultural reasons, and there is always a gap between the state and the people, so to speak.


Reactions of Opponents to the Amini Incident

Süleyman Gündede 23.09.2022

The death of Amini, who was detained for breaking the hijab rules and battered by the morality police, has gotten reactions from many people around the country and the world.


The Issue of the Supreme Leadership’s Transition in Iran

Mushtaq Al-Hilo 20.09.2022

As can be seen, there is a segment in Iran that strives for Mojtaba to gain ground in the eyes of the people by making him shine, so to speak, and for society to get used to him.


Russia-Iran-India Triangle: INSTC

Yasir Rashid 08.09.2022

Connecting South Asia to Eurasia and Northern Europe, INSTC has commercial, transit, and logistical benefits with geopolitical and geoeconomic consequences.


The Failure of Privatization in Iran

Yasir Rashid 08.09.2022

It is possible to say that privatization, which was expected to reduce the government's financial burden, has practically turned into a tragedy in Iran.


Immigration of Athletes from Iran

Umut Başar 05.09.2022

Spot: Although it has not reached a high level yet, the immigration of athletes from Iran is on the rise, and it is mostly seen in branches such as taekwondo, chess, wrestling, judo, and gymnastics.