IRAM Visited the Iranian Embassy in Ankara

A delegation from IRAM headed by the President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Uysal and accompanied by two of the IRAM’s coordinators, economy (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Aslan) and political studies (Dr. Serhan Afacan)  visited the Iranian embassy in Ankara. The delegation was accepted by His Excellency Muhammad Ebrahim Taherian Ferd, Iran’s ambassador to Turkey. Both parties expressed their shared ideas about the importance of think-tanks and research centers in promoting dialogue on economic, political and social issues for Iran and Turkey. During the visit, channels of cooperation, particularly in economic spheres, between Turkey and Iran were discussed. Also, it was acknowledged that to promote economic ties, entrepreneurs from both nations should be equipped with objective and solid knowledge which in turn would foster informed decision making over potential opportunities on investment and trade. Discussion was also held about the regional developments and the Turkish and Iranian positions in Syria and Iraq. IRAM is also pleased to note the shared determination concerning the contribution of IRAM and similar research centers in both countries for providing quality research and informed comments about each country.