Iran’s Cyber Power

The National Internet Network project which the Iranian government has begun to build since the 2000s, has been an important step for the isolation in Iran’s cyber domain.

The concept of power, which is the primary goal of states from a realist point of view, has been intertwined with several elements in time. Having and keeping the influential power, as a result of the developments in military technology and capabilities, is still one of the primary goals for many states. The concept of cyber power, which is a significant factor regarding military power, is one of the crucial elements of power in this context. Through cyber power, states achieve important acquisitions for national security based on both defence and offence.

Iran is one of the states aiming to have regional and international power elements. It has shown remarkable progress on the issues of cybersecurity and operational cyber capabilities after it strengthened its national cyberinfrastructure and information technologies. Due to its regional tensions and its long-lasting conflict with the USA and Israel, it has become necessary for Iran to strengthen its critical national infrastructure, both in civil and public areas.