Müştak El-Hılo


Al-Hilo who has undergraduate degree in two different fields, completed his undergraduate on Islamic Law in 1998 and an other degree from Politics at Mufid University in 1999. After that, he continued his Master at Mufid University on Political Sciences with thesis called “Comparison of Feminism and Equality Thoughts in Iran and West” in 2002. This work awarded as “best thesis award” from Mufid University with appreciation from Presidency. He has completed his second master on the field of Islamic Law and Fiqh and his master thesis on “Muslims Methodology of Fiqh History until the End of Hijiri 5th Century” in 2004. Al Hilo who continued his PhD on Islamic Law and Fiqh at Qom madrassahs completed his doctoral education with thesis on “Right to Privacy at Law of Iran and Islamic Fiqh”. The works he has written and translated published both in Farsi and in Arabic. His studies are mainly about Religious Thought, Politics of Iran and Feminism.

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