Russia-Iran-India Triangle: INSTC

ECONOMY 08.09.2022
Yasir Rashid Researcher

Connecting South Asia to Eurasia and Northern Europe, INSTC has commercial, transit, and logistical benefits with geopolitical and geoeconomic consequences.

While the world economic power dynamics have shifted from the West to the East and created some fundamental consequences on a global and regional scale, the secondary effects of this shift are becoming more important day by day. It seems that this shift takes place in a multi-layered and multidimensional manner and covers a wide range of areas (technology, reconstruction of the global financial system, defense strategy, and military strategy, international joint defense agreements, international organizations, etc.) ...

Afghanistan's Badakhshan: New Security Threat for Tajikistan

Yasir Rashid

Badakhshan, due to its mountainous and impassable nature, has a high potential for the gathering of groups that are considered a serious threat to Tajikistan and other countries in the region.

The Failure of Privatization in Iran

Yasir Rashid

It is possible to say that privatization, which was expected to reduce the government's financial burden, has practically turned into a tragedy in Iran.