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Iran considers the isolation of Russia by the West due to the Ukraine War as a crucial opportunity to improve relations.

While NATO’s new Strategic Concept is marginalizing Russia and Iran, these two countries have participated in the Caspian Summit in order to turn their geopolitical position to an advantage against the pressure.

Raisi’s visit to Oman is an indicator of Iran’s determination, which is stuck politically and economically, to overcome the problems through a pragmatic agenda.

The evaluation made by the Supreme Leader Khamenei without using “Russia” and “invasion” indicates Iran’s sidedness in the crisis that does not concern itself directly.

Raisi considers the steps towards the East as a strategic achievement for the country's foreign policy, while opponents criticize Iran's potential dependency on Moscow and Beijing.

The power vacuum that will emerge in Afghanistan with the withdrawal of the US and NATO raises security concerns for and whets the appetite of many regional actors.

Russia wants to get closer to Arab countries rather than Iran to solve the problems in the Middle East.

Through changing their Syrian policy, the Saudi Arabia-the UAE-Egypt trio has sided against Turkey.

Iran’s silent stance toward Ankara’s military plans for eastern Syria does not mean that the Islamic Republic is basically supporting a military operation.