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Biden’s announcement to withdraw US troops from Iraq is contrary to the on-ground reality.

In this new era, when increasing the US troops in Iraq is being discussed, the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia will continue on the Iraqi field.

Beyond Iraq’s economic woes, the Biden administration’s obstacles include Iran and its backed militias, the repercussions of the withdrawal of US troops, and ISIS’ re-emergence.

Iran has been trying to scare the US and make it take a step back by increasing the tensions, which results in exposing the US to a common risk, such as war.

Trump’s maximum pressure policy is working but apparently not to the advantage of regional and global peace and stability.

The active presence of those who prefer the option of armed conflict both in the US and Iran seems to present a new and grievous challenge for the entire region.

Iran’s silent stance toward Ankara’s military plans for eastern Syria does not mean that the Islamic Republic is basically supporting a military operation.

Despite being a result of external pressure, Iran’s intentions to ease regional tensions and get along with its neighbors will reflect positively on Ankara-Tehran relations.