US Sanctions on the Iranian Intelligence Minister and Iran's Largest Charity

Yasir Rashid 21.11.2020

The new sanctions may have a significant impact on the relationship between the Iranian government and the next US administration on issues such as renegotiating the US return to the JCPOA.


Iran Imposes Strict Restrictions for Fighting the Third Wave of COVID-19

Yasir Rashid 20.11.2020

If the new restrictions are fully implemented, there will be significant job loss and Iran will witness further economic and socioeconomic strain, deprivation, and income inequality.


The US Energy Plan and the Implications for Iran

Bilgehan Alagöz 09.11.2020

It is possible that Iran will be directly affected by the energy plan that will be implemented by the U.S., which is the energy giant in oil and natural gas industries.


India-Iran Relations: A Comprehensive Review

Asif Shuja 02.11.2020

India and Iran have witnessed setbacks in their bilateral ties; a mere reflection of their unwavering desire to remain engaged despite prevalent pressures.


Iranian Stance against the Nagorno-Karabakh Issue

Hakkı Uygur 30.10.2020

The emotional and identity ties between these two groups have been distinctly demonstrated during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through some Iranian activists’ slogan “We do not support Azerbaijan, we are Azerbaijan”.


The US Sanctions on the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum

Yasir Rashid 28.10.2020

These sanctions could pose serious obstacles to foreign travel, participation in international conferences, and the signing of international agreements of the individuals who are on the list of sanctions.