News Analysis

The EASA’s warning could lead Iran into isolation in the aviation sector, which would further undermine Iran's international influence and make the fight it is waging for on various fronts even more difficult.

While such incidents have occurred sporadically in the past, they have largely ceased in recent months, and this incident comes at a time of heightened levels of tension between the two countries.

The seizure was intended to be a timely offensive in Iran's attempt to raise tension in the Gulf.

Upon his return from the United States in September, President Erdoğan publicized his October 4th visit, along with a group of Turkish ministers and advisors, to Iran, which has been considered a significant event.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid a visit to Iran on October 4th, with a large number of state ministers accompanying him and the 4th High-Level Strategic Council meeting was held.