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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid a visit to Iran on October 4th, with a large number of state ministers accompanying him and the 4th High-Level Strategic Council meeting was held.

The issue of the referendum in Northern Iraq is not simply an ethnic matter.

Despite the existence of a number of reformist and conservative names in the new cabinet it looks, at least on paper, a non-partisan one as Rouhani had promised to form.

Fundamentally, Turkey seems to have decided to carry out a restructuring in her armed forces, upon realizing that she could not make use of them at the desired level in recent regional developments.

The Turkish-Iranian relationship can be considered one of the most consistent and predictable sets of relations in the Middle East region.

President Rouhani will certainly remove some cabinet members.

For the past years, Iran has made minimal but essential economic progress in Ghana, but much has not been written on its economic inroads in Ghana.

The main message of the attack is that Iran’s “impunity” armament during the Obama period is now withdrawn.

Three years after India gained independence from the British, India and Iran established their diplomatic relations