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The IRGC's rocket capacity to reach an altitude of 425 kilometers and the satellite's military reconnaissance capabilities have geopolitical ramifications for the region.

Turkey started a new process in the Mediterranean by its Libyan policies. As Turkey stops the Haftar’s forces attempting to capture Tripoli, it deterred the actors behind Haftar and renderred their policies futile.

While such incidents have occurred sporadically in the past, they have largely ceased in recent months, and this incident comes at a time of heightened levels of tension between the two countries.

The seizure was intended to be a timely offensive in Iran's attempt to raise tension in the Gulf.

Through changing their Syrian policy, the Saudi Arabia-the UAE-Egypt trio has sided against Turkey.

Ali Khan Vali and his photography album is one of the most important visual sources available from the late Qajar period which consists of a large number of photographs.

Considering the latest military activities in the region, is the US in preparation for an attack on the Iranian-backed militia groups, particularly the Kataib Hezbollah, as claimed?

A new situation is evolving for Iran as thousands of Afghan Hazara Shias are dying from safeguarding the Iranian interests in Syria, but the situation will become redundant in their homeland after the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan.

President Saleh appointed US returned Adnan al Zurfi as prime minister after parties failed to reach consensus.

US sanctions affect economic, social, cultural, and political domains.

Iran has been trying to scare the US and make it take a step back by increasing the tensions, which results in exposing the US to a common risk, such as war.

Zarif’s denunciation was a rare move by a member of the Iranian executive branch. It can be considered a tactical response by Tehran, which is displeased with New Delhi's growing closeness with Washington’s line against Iran.