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Notwithstanding their strong position against Iran, the US views Indian investment in Chabahar as a positive sign because it counters China.

The European Union should understand their inaction has only allowed worsening the situation at hand.

Considering Turkey’s determination and the military balance now changing in Turkey’s favor, confronting the Turkish army will not only be fruitless, but also lead to serious casualties for Iran and its Shiite proxies.

Despite Iran’s attempts to show its power in the Idlib frontier, Tehran’s shortfall of coordination in the field is conspicuous.

The US sanctions have not only impacted the daily lives of Iranian people but also adversely affected universities, researchers, and scholars in Iran.

Just like the August 1953 coup against Iran’s democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosadeq, January 2020 will not fade away from Iranian’s collective memory.

Aware that Soleimani is irreplaceable as a commander, Khamenei tries to form a new conception of command.

Iran, Russia and China started a joint military exercise in the Gulf of Oman and the northern area of the Indian Ocean on 27 December, which is scheduled to last for 4 days.

The Chabahar Port project was portrayed as a symbol of India’s increasing strategic position in its relations with Iran as it was touted to be India’s gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

The Azerbaijan People’s Government was formed as a result of a decades-long peripheralization process.

Iran may not be able to withstand pressure much longer

Since the inception of the Arab uprisings, the MENA region has been an open battlefield for regional and foreign actors.