Turkey-Pakistan-Iran Cooperation Symposium

Turkey-Pakistan-Iran Cooperation Symposium

Description and Objectives

Pakistan, the second largest Muslim country in the world, has borders with important countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, India and China and plays a key role in the Middle East and Asia relations due to its strategic geographical location. In 2017, Pakistan became a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with India. Both countries are also members of the South Asian Regional Cooperation Organization. Pakistan has increasing economic and political influence not only in South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East but also in the entire Eurasian region.

Pakistan is a regional balancing center in one hand for India and on the other hand for Afghanistan. Also, it is faced with intense pressure from the US due to its strategic convergence with China. The security risks of terrorist groups are also very serious in the regions of Pakistan. Political tensions within the country, as well as tensions with India, are increasing from time to time. Analysis of the factors that shape the development of Pakistan's economic and political systems and regional security policies is very crucial.

Additionally, it is important to discuss the regional impacts of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the US-India relations including its impacts on Pakistan-Iran relations. There is a potential to convert economic competition between Pakistan and Iran over Gwadar (Pakistan) and Chabahar (Iran) ports into approaches on cooperative and complementary regional logistical hubs. Turkey's strong and warm relations with both countries formed in historical perspective open up the tripartite cooperation opportunities in long-term. For example, commercial ties between Turkey and Pakistan has gained a new momentum with the agreements signed in the defence industry field in recent years.

Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan could build strong regional axis geopolitically and geoeconomically as a repercussion of security and development related challenges. The high-level trilateral cooperation mechanism “Turkey-Iran-Pakistan” (TIP) could be formulated embracing comprehensive collaboration in the areas of security, trade, land transportation, joint investments, education, health, and culture. There is a need to set up a discussion platform to debate all these potential cooperation issues.

Ankara Center for Iranian Studies (IRAM), together with Yıldırım Beyazıt University Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) organizes Turkey-Pakistan -Iran Cooperation Symposium in Ankara to discuss bilateral and trilateral cooperation issues among the three countries. The main objective of the symposium is to contribute to the improvement of economic and political relations between Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. The mechanisms of tripartite economic cooperation of these three major countries, representing an economic power of more than $ 1.5 trillion as a total GDP and 360 million Muslim population, will be discussed. Security, diplomatic and political issues, also economic issues in terms of stimulating investments and trades will be discussed in the open sessions of the symposium.

Call for Papers 2019

IRAM will announce call for abstracts of full papers for Symposium. The topics cover bilateral and trilateral political and economic cooperation issues among the Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. The author of an accepted paper must attend the Symposium to present the paper. After acceptance of the abstracts for full papers, IRAM will provide the limited financial support for the attendance of authors in the Symposium.

Academicians and researchers are expected to send the abstracts of their unique and unpublished articles to IRAM at congress@iramcenter.org by April 19, 2019. Full papers (unique and unpublished min. 3000 words) must be sent to the aforementioned address by May 26, 2019. Authors will be notified by April 20, 2019, regarding the status of their paper and presentation. Each author may present only one paper in the Symposium.

The authors should send their CV where they should demonstrate strong academic experience on Pakistan-Iran-Turkey bilateral and trilateral political and economic relations (e.g. previously published articles, books or book chapters on the topic). IRAM’s qualified experts and academicians will review the quality of the papers.

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Event Date:   26/04/2019
Event Time:   09:00
Event End Date:   26/04/2019